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Mulith Inc. is an imaging technology company that was founded to develop and commercialize RIF (Reference Distribution Real Image Formation) technology and its applications.

RIF is a method that uses light in an innovative way to form extremely intricate images of extremely intricate objects.

Real optical images with no fundamental minimum resolution limit (object side or image side) can be formed by means of RIF.

No minimum separation distance between object or image points exists when RIF is used.




Applications of RIF technology to microscopy and nanolithography tools are being developed.

Applications of RIF technology to passive ghost imaging have been identified.

Equipment that produces real images with no resolution limit is being developed.

Many currently unknown applications of RIF technology are expected to be identified and developed as time progresses.




RIF technology is a practical application of the physics linked to a previously unknown cooperative phenomenon.

Accordingly, two illuminated object points are required to form light waves that contribute to real image formation.

This fact is in distinct contrast to the ordinarily accepted assumption that only one object point is involved.

The phenomenon was discovered theoretically and verified experimentally.

The theoretical basis for RIF technology is available online at the following link: arXiv:1012.4085.

Laboratory demonstrations have verified principal predictions of the theory.

No contrary results have been observed.

Some of the demonstrations that verify the theory also verify RIF.

In accord with the new theory, optical real images with no fundamental resolution limit and a very large depth of field can be formed.

At this juncture, RIF technology rests on solid science.




Mulith Inc. has identified the company's RIF-Scope as its initial market entry.

RIF-Scopes are are complete resolution optical microscopes.